Detailed Review Of EinScan-SE 3D Scanner

Einscan-SE is one of the top picks of 2019 for portable and reliable high end 3D Scanners and still remains a marvelous machine with decent price tag. If you need a dedicated 3D scanner that serves the job of getting reliable 3D scans of small to medium sized objects then Einscan-SE could be right for you. Let’s have a more detailed look at the features and scan quality.

Technical Properties

Einscan-SE uses the foundational 3D scanning technology called structured-light detection and has a scan volume of 200x200x200 mm with the auto-scan feature. Dimensional accuracy of 0.1 mm to the actual object. The scanner is also capable of detecting textures and colours decently well. However general limitation is that objects that are high glossy, transparent or black are prone to scan data dispersion. For larger objects up to 700 mm³ the fixed scan feature can be used can later be easily aligned and soothed over with the EinScan software.
Depending on the size of the object, you might find it more comfortable and easy to work if the scan head is mounted on a tripod stand. This also ensures the scan is sturdier.


The EinScan-SE package comes with the scanner, a turntable for 360° scans, a calibration board, and a stand to connect the scanner head and turntable. The turntable is easily linked to the scanner head, which plugs directly into a power socket. You can then connect the scanner head with the supplied USB cable to your PC. You will need to calibrate the scanner to optimize the scanner’s performance. The calibration process doesn’t take more than a few minutes but could vary depending on the PC being used.


The turn steps can be adjusted from 8 to 180 steps. The turntable rotates in steps to complete a whole 360 degrees of the object. Higher steps make sure all the details of the object are captured while also increasing the scan time. But for simpler objects, using lower steps makes the scan faster. For better results, 2 different scans with varied light settings can be taken and merged in the software. The scanner also supports HDR mode where the object is illuminated for a bit longer and finer beams of light is used for better scan quality, but it takes a bit longer time to scan in HDR mode. Ideally for best possible scan results the environment should be dark avoiding a bright light directly falling on the object and the scan head. Scanning in bright light conditions is very difficult (the scan leads to quality dropping below recognition) hence wrapping a large cardboard behind the object and the scan head is advised to block outside light and if the room had light entering from the window, light can be blocked by shutting the blinds.


EinScan Software

The EinScan software has to be purchased separately and has an easy to use interface. Mesh generation time is highly dependent on the processor power and we recommend using high end processor PC that have a clock speed of at least 3 GHz and a RAM of 12 GB. Typically a mesh of around 2 million triangles could take a time of 15 minutes got generation. A point to note is that there is no save option and the scanned mesh will be auto-saved into the project name folder given when the software is loaded. Mesh data can be exported into STL, PLY and OBJ formats thus enabling to 3D print the scanned object if needed.

All in all, EinScan-SE is a great professional 3D Scanner that comes at an affordable price point. At THINKFAB, we offer EinScan-SE 3D Scanner at a high competitive price. Click here to request for quote.

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