Detailed Review of EinScan HX

Shining 3D has combined two different light sources within their newest scanner, the Shining 3D EinScan HX. The hybrid light source supposedly allows for fast 3D scanning by combining the LED light and the laser scanning mode, with the latter less sensitive to ambient light and a stronger performer on reflective and dark surfaces.

EinScan HX

Hybrid Blue Laser & LED Light

EinScan HX

Depending on the light source a scanner uses, certain materials and applications are limited. The EinScan HX tries to counter this by housing two light sources – blue laser and LED light. This hybrid light solution allows the scanner to be used on a wider range of objects and should make scanning black or reflective surfaces easier. Alongside the two light sources, the EinScan HX features two corresponding scan modes – rapid scan and laser scan. The LED light mode allows for rapid 3D scanning without the need for marker preparation, whereas laser scanning, which is less sensitive to ambient light, enables better performance when scanning reflective and dark color surfaces. Several blue laser crosses in laser scanning mode ensure the correct detection of reflective surfaces.

Full Color Camera

EinScan HX

Besides the two different scan modes, the integrated texture camera supports full-color data acquisition, allowing the EinScan HX to capture high-quality data and brilliant color details of objects simultaneously. With the inbuilt color camera, the scanner supports full-color texture as well as capturing and tracking by texture.

High Speed & Accuracy

EinScan HX

The scanner is capable of scanning most objects within a few minutes. The processing speed of the EinScan HX in rapid scan mode is up to 1,200,000 points per second at 20 fps and up to 480,000 points/s in laser scan mode (55 fps). With a minimum point distance of 0.05mm in laser mode, the scanner can achieve an accuracy of 0.04 mm – meeting most industrial application requirements.

Plug & Play

EinScan HX

Despite its capabilities and professional applications, the EinScan HX features a plug-and-play design and user-friendly software that should make it easy to use for 3D scanning beginners and experts alike. The 3D scanner comes with the Solid Edge Shining 3D edition, containing the most important 3D CAD design functions, providing a practical 3D design tool to get you starting right away.

Alongside being plug-and-play, the EinScan HX promises an ergonomic design for a comfortable scanning experience. With a weight of 710g, it should be light enough to wield around over a longer duration of time.

All in all, EinScan HX is a great professional 3D Scanner that comes at an affordable price point. At THINKFAB, we offer EinScan HX 3D Scanner at a high competitive price. Click here to request for quote.

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