Desktop Series

About Desktop Series

Desktop 3d scanners captures data that is then transformed into a 3D model which can then be 3D printed. 3D scanners are based on two main technologies – laser triangulation and structured light – which will allow to obtain more or less precise details depending on the chosen device


We Represent

Einscan SE

The EinScan-SE is a desktop 3D scanner produced by Shining 3D. This scanner is the successor to the EinScan model. Launched in April 2017, the EinScan-SE is considered to be a cost-effective model. It is characterized in particular by its ease of use, its short scan duration, and its user-friendliness. It was designed to capture the geometry of small to medium size objects and is based on the structured light technology offering two modes: Fixed Scan and Auto Scan.

Einscan SP

EinScan-SP is a high-quality desktop 3D scanner that delivers highly accurate (<= 0.05mm) printable 3D models. It takes less than 4 sec for a single scan and less than 1 minute for a complete 360 degrees scan. It is a great match for small and medium-sized businesses such as design and architecture studios. Besides, even museum conservationists and curators could gain a good profit from the EinScan-SP’s capabilities. 

AutoScan Inspec

The AutoScan Inspec 3D scanner by SHINING 3D is a fully automated desktop 3D scanner that ensures high accuracy and efficiency. The AutoScan Inspec is designed to scan small and complex parts. The latest technology developed by SHINING 3D allows you to improve scanning efficiency and save valuable time. The AutoScan Inspec 3D scanner can be used in the inspection and quality control, reverse engineering, and product design.

Autoscan Sparkle

AutoScan Sparkle automatic desktop 3D scanner is designed exclusively for capturing precise and detailed 3D scans of jewelry pieces in seconds. Integrating AI intelligent scanning algorithms, high precision and simplicity of use, AutoScan Sparkle provides jewelry designers an easy method of transforming jewelry into digitized format that can be used in any CAD/CAM software, saving both time and money in design and production processes.


Why Choose Us

THINKFAB is a sister brand of THINK3D, one of India’s largest integrated digital manufacturing service providers. At THINK3D we provide 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, 3D Designing, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Injection Molding services all under one roof. With our deep expertise in both traditional and additive manufacturing technologies, we can thoroughly the customer requirement and accordingly recommend the best hardware to suit the requirement. Most expensive or most visible mayn’t be the best one for the customer. This is where we come into picture. We know manufacturing technologies in & out and can provide honest feedback to our customers.


Our Clients

Think3D has been a great partner for us in supplying COVID-19 test cartridges on-time despite the pandemic challenges. When we came up with a new requirement needing a workforce of more than 25 people, think3D took up the challenge and arranged the workforce within 2 days. I highly recommend think3D for any manufacturing needs.

Sanket Srivatsav
Production In-Charge, Molbio

As a professor doing research on new materials, I needed a strong industry partner to assist us. think3D perfectly fit that bill. think3D team is highly knowledgeable on all manufacturing technologies and the team is very prompt in responding to all our requests. My research has been very successful, thanks to think3D team.

Dr. Karthik Chetan V
Asst. Professor, BITS Pilani

We found issue with one part at the time of assembly and needed a quick replacement. think3D team has quickly responded to our request, redesigned the part and printed it using metal 3D Printing and delivered in 3 days time. The part came out really well and the design was better than that of the actual one.

Rama Krishna
Senior Manager (IMM), BDL