FlashForge has been a well-known name in the world of 3D printing ever since it started to develop open-sourced 3D printers and surpassed other open-sourced brands in quality and affordability. Flashforge is a filament-based 3D printer with a totally enclosed design that is safe to use indoors & around children.

About FlashForge FDM

Established in 2011, Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co., LTD is one of the first professional 3D printing equipment and materials R&D and manufacturing enterprises in China. At present it is the domestic first, ranking third in consumer-level 3D printing brand manufacturers globally. (Data source 3D Hubs). And, Flashforge was awarded the title of “Famous brand in Zhejiang Province’’ in 2017.


Product Portfolio

Flashforge Guider IIs

The Flashforge Guider IIs 3D printer is another trim of the Guider II with additional features. In addition to all the specs that its predecessor boasts, the guider 2s added features include: built-in HD camera for remote monitoring and new air filtration helps to reduce unpleasant odors and hazardous emissions. Guider 2S is an industrial grade 3D printer. A massive build volume with the top level of FFF technology, designed to provide the maximum stability and ruggedness when printing your designs.

Flashforge Finder

Beginning in 3D printing with Finder is a lot simpler and significantly more reasonable than any time in recent memory. It is fit for printing directly out of the container with few changes. Every one of the heated components are shielded from contact, and the printing fiber is non-harmful PLA. finder is the ideal starter 3D printer for families, schools just as beginner clients.

Flashforge Creator Pro 2

As an upgraded version of the classical Creator series, with the Independent double extruder (IDEX) framework, the Flashforge Creator Pro 2 gives excellent standard with better caliber and simpler activity. Maker Pro 2 solved the hanging issue that consistently emerges in traditional free double extruder 3D printer proficiently. Where the Creator Pro featured a single print head with two nozzles, the Creator Pro 2 splits the gang up, giving each nozzle its own direct drive.

Flashforge Adventurer 3

Aimed at beginners and the educational setting, the Flashforge Adventurer 3 is a enclosed desktop 3D printer that presents an easy and affordable preface to 3D printing. Paramount of the features appear to key in on usability and functionality, such as the automatic filament feeding system, removable print bed, and made-in camera. 

Flashforge Creator 3 pro

Creator 3 Pro realizes further optimization of the extruder structure and printing motion control. It adopts new-type extruders, optimizes the extruder blowing structure and heating assembly, configures the second-generation upgraded leveling sensors, changes the position of extruder sensors, and greatly improves the temperature rise speed of the platform, which enables better printing quality and more efficient printing services.




Frequently Asked Questions

The FlashForge Finder prints PLA only, while the Creator Pro and Dreamer 3D printers have an open filament system, so in addition to supporting ABS and PLA, they can 3D print several third party filaments.

Flashprint is the mainstream slice software used by Flashforge,  it has gained outstanding reviews by the media and professionals. The software further offers an expert mode, which allows dozens of parameters to be set by the user, for greater printing flexibility.

The Guider II is FlashForge’s new flagship 3D Printer designed to provide excellent printing quality, material versatility with large build volume. The Guider II is equipped with FlashForge’s new innovative extruder design which provides a completely encircled air supply to elevate printing smoothness.

The seven different types of 3D printers

Fused deposition modeling (FDM)

Stereolithography (SLA)

Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

The action or process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of a material in succession.