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About FDM

Fused deposition modeling, or FDM 3D Printing, is a method of additive manufacturing where layers of materials are fused together in a pattern to create an object. The material is usually melted just past its glass transition temperature, and then extruded in a pattern next to or on top of previous extrusions, creating an object layer by layer.


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Divide  By Zero Technologies is one of the pioneer organizations to take 3D printing innovation to the SME sector in India simply in light of the fact that the machines are proficient, reasonable, and stick to worldwide quality guidelines. Inside a year, divide by zero have dispatched a scope of top-caliber, Industrial 3D printers which as of now cater to different businesses, offering freedoms to engineers, originators, planners, teachers, clinical specialists.


Ultimaker is one of the top 3D printer manufacturers in the world, has fine-tuned its reliable line of 3D printers to fit the need of anyone looking to use the digital invention to rapid prototype, produce functional parts, or simply bring a constant 3D printer into the classroom. The Ultimaker series of 3D printers include a variety of features: dependable single extrusion, accurate dual extrusion for complex parts, auto-bed leveling, and pre-configured material profiles with free, easy-to-use software.


Established in 2011, Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co., LTD is one of the first professional 3D printing equipment and materials R&D and manufacturing enterprises in China. FlashForge has been a well-known name in the world of 3D printing ever since it started to develop open-sourced 3D printers. Flashforge is a filament-based 3D printer with a totally-enclosed design that is safe to use indoors & around children. 


Raise3D is dedicated to pioneering flexible manufacturing, which helps customers improve their competitive advantage through utilizing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing. Raise3D printers are high precision, high resolution, consistent performance, and intuitive interface printers. As a leading manufacturer of industrial-grade 3D printers, Raise3D is dedicated to pioneering flexible manufacturing, which helps our customers improve their competitive advantage through utilizing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing.


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THINKFAB is a sister brand of THINK3D, one of India’s largest integrated digital manufacturing service providers. At THINK3D we provide 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, 3D Designing, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Injection Molding services all under one roof. With our deep expertise in both traditional and additive manufacturing technologies, we can thoroughly the customer requirement and accordingly recommend the best hardware to suit the requirement. Most expensive or most visible mayn’t be the best one for the customer. This is where we come into picture. We know manufacturing technologies in & out and can provide honest feedback to our customers.


Our Clients

Think3D has been a great partner for us in supplying COVID-19 test cartridges on-time despite the pandemic challenges. When we came up with a new requirement needing a workforce of more than 25 people, think3D took up the challenge and arranged the workforce within 2 days. I highly recommend think3D for any manufacturing needs.

Sanket Srivatsav
Production In-Charge, Molbio

As a professor doing research on new materials, I needed a strong industry partner to assist us. think3D perfectly fit that bill. think3D team is highly knowledgeable on all manufacturing technologies and the team is very prompt in responding to all our requests. My research has been very successful, thanks to think3D team.

Dr. Karthik Chetan V
Asst. Professor, BITS Pilani

We found issue with one part at the time of assembly and needed a quick replacement. think3D team has quickly responded to our request, redesigned the part and printed it using metal 3D Printing and delivered in 3 days time. The part came out really well and the design was better than that of the actual one.

Rama Krishna
Senior Manager (IMM), BDL


Frequently Asked Questions

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology is a powerful Stratasys-patented additive manufacturing method. FDM builds concept models, functional prototypes and end-use parts in standard, engineering-grade and high-performance thermoplastics

FDM utilizes strong, engineering-grade materials like ABS,PLA,PETG,PP,NYLON,HIPS Polycarbonate and  FDM can create production parts and functional prototypes with outstanding thermal and chemical resistance and excellent strength-to-weight ratios.

FDM Technology works with specialized 3D printers and production-grade thermoplastics to build strong, durable and dimensionally stable parts with the best accuracy and repeatability of any 3D printing technology.

For prototype applications that do not require high resolution and surface finish, FDM technology is ideal because it is economical and does not require chemical postprocessing

Budget-Friendly ,Filament Reusable Less Complex, Easy Ergonomics, Variety of Material Choice, Easily Portable, Compact Design, Cloud Server Printing.