Divide  By Zero

Divide  By Zero Technologies is one of the pioneer organizations to take 3D printing innovation to SME sector in India simply in light of the fact that the machines are proficient, reasonable and stick to worldwide quality guidelines. Inside a year, divide by zero have dispatched a scope of top caliber, Industrial 3D printers.

About Divide By Zero

Divide By Zero has designed and developed a 3D printer in India that is tremendously proficient in creating most of the conceivable 3D patterns in the world. Divide by Zero is a story of years of hard work and research, combined with a wealth of experience in development of engineering products & sustainable systems. With a background experience of handling and maintaining CNC machines, we have developed a 3D printer which operates on the same principle of CNC machines.


Product Portfolio

Accucraft i250+

Divide By Zero’s Accucraft i250+ is a professional single extruder 3D printer, which sports a build volume of 300mm × 250mm × 200mm, marking your first step into the amazing world of 3D printing. Housed in a high-endurance sheet metal body, the Accucraft i250+ is pre-assembled, calibrated and tested for easy 3D printing right out of the box. Accucraft i250+’s low-noise operation, quick-load functionality, super-fast slicer and industrial-grade build quality ensure fast and reliable print-cycles.

Accucraft i250D

Divide By Zero’s Accucraft i250D is a hibrid double extruder 3D printer with a form volume of 200 × 250 × 200 mm. The superior dual extruders empower precise print yield, least post handling and clear a path for you to all the while work with two kinds of materials or tones alternatives, in this manner expanding plan prospects. Housed in a vigorous sheet metal body, the Accucraft i250D is pre-assembled, aligned and proven for simple 3D printing, just after setting up.

Aeqon 400 V3

The Aeqon 400 V3 is a low-noise working, quick-load functionality enabled 3D Printer, with a super-quick slicer software and a modern grade assemble quality which guarantees solid print-cycles. With especially designed high accuracy ball screws gantry with print rates of up to 200 mm/sec, this moderate sized 3D printer has unparalleled accuracy and repeatability – an essential in fast prototyping and low-volume cluster manufacturing.

Aeqon V3
Aion 500 MK2

Aion 500 MK2

AION 500 MK2 is a fully enclosed industrial grade 3D printer and assures a consistently high print quality and repeatability. It has the Quick Load functionality for changing and loading filaments easily and a super-slicer feature that makes sure there’s no time lost when the print is initiated. The machine is easy to use allowing the user to alternate between quick-&- easy and pro printing smoothly.

Aion 500 MK3

Aion 500MK3 is the World’s first servo ball screw-based 3D printer laced with high performance liquid cooled extruder that delivers up to 6X throughput compared to industry standards. With its high-speed print engine that can accelerate up to 1.5 G (Bugatti Veyron has 1.55 Gs of acceleration). The printing speed is 10X more than any polymer extrusion-based platform anywhere in the world.




Frequently Asked Questions

Divide By Zero uses highly reliable, premium-grade and industry-standard Lead shine / Sanyo Denki Precision motors in all our 3D printers. 

Yes, they have a bed that heats up to 110°C. 

Yes, a little amount of training is required to understand the basics of the software and hardware as well. To help the customer better, DBZ conducts a two days of training at the Divide By Zero head office, where they cover all software, hardware as well as troubleshooting of the machine. 

Divide By Zero has a collection of 3D printers with multiple feature-sets ( and is one of the leading 3d printer manufacturer in india ). Each at different price-points. You can get in touch with our sales team at info@think3d.in to get this information.